Under the 1944 Education Act, Holt Hill was recognised as a Direct Grant Grammar School

During the 1945 summer holidays, the large library had to be turned into a dining room to cater for almost 200 pupils who took hot dinners each day, the tables, folding benches and cutlery were provided by the education committee. What used to be the first parlour was converted into a cosy library.

Red Corridor, c1905

By 1956 there were 508 pupils (356 in the upper school and 152 in the lower), and although there were by then 17 classrooms, the 'specialist' rooms are described as 'very small' (geography), 'tiny' (music) and there were no changing rooms or showers and no playing field..

Following the General Election of 1964 there was a reorganisation of the education system which aimed at removing selection, where children were allocated to different types of school based on ability.

The Gymnasium at Holt Hill, c1905


Direct Grant

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